Niseko Apartments

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If you’re after more space and privacy, opt for a Niseko self-contained apartment. Most come with all the modern conveniences you have at home.

  • Big Valley Day View | Lower HirafuBig Valley Kitchen and Dining Area | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Big Valley is a block of three modern Japanese townhouse chalets with winter-wonderland forest views.

    US $769
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    Itoku TV Room with Fireplace | Middle HirafuItoku Outdoor Night View | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    5 Bedrooms

    Itoku is a pair of luxury townhouse chalets providing comfort for large families and groups.

    US $626 US $532
  • Neyuki Townhouses Kitchen and Lounge Area | Middle HirafuNeyuki Townhouses Exterior | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    4, 5 Bedrooms

    Neyuki Townhouses are a modern pair of chalet townhouses designed with large groups in mind.

    US $528
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    Powder Haven Living Area | Lower HirafuPowder Haven Exterior | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Apartments
    2 Bedrooms

    Powder Haven is a comfortable modern boutique apartments with stylish modern furnishings.

    US $312 US $270
  • Sakura Apartments Living Area | Lower HirafuSakura Apartments Exterior | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Apartments
    2 Bedrooms

    Sakura Apartments offer modern accommodation in a convenient location with lovely scenic views.

    US $440
  • Seizan Living Dining and Kitchen Area | Middle HirafuSeizan Outdoor View | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Seizan is a stylish, modern townhouse chalet for larger groups of family and friends.

    US $791
  • The Freshwater Living Area with TV | Middle HirafuThe Freshwater Exterior with Snow | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Apartments
    1, 2, 3 Bedrooms

    The Freshwater is a stylish block of boutique apartments with views of the ski fields and Mt Yotei.

    US $219
  • Toshokan Townhouses Lounge Area with Center Table and TV | Middle HirafuToshokan Townhouses Exterior | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Toshokan Townhouses offer beautiful vistas from each of the warm, modern townhouse chalets.

    US $518
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    Yuki Yama Apartments Living Area | Middle HirafuYuki Yama Apartments Outdoor View | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Apartments
    2, 3 Bedrooms

    Yuki Yama is a modern Western-style apartment building with interiors inspired by Japanese design.

    US $347 US $294
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    Yutaka Townhouses Dining Area | Middle HirafuYutaka Townhouses Outdoor Area with Snow | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Yutaka Townhouses provide comfortable and luxurious accommodation with stunning views of Mt Yotei.

    US $576 US $489
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    Niseko Hana and Jo Living Room | East HirafuHana & Jo Exterior with Snow | East Hirafu

    HANA & JO

    East Hirafu – Chalet
    2 Bedrooms

    Hana & Jo are two spacious luxury townhouse-style chalets perfect for families or small groups.

    US $425 US $297
  • Intuition Niseko Indoor Living Area with Mountain View | West HirafuIntuition Niseko Outdoor Area with Mountain View | West Hirafu


    West Hirafu – Apartments / Chalets
    1, 2, 3 Bedrooms

    Intuition is a luxurious estate of villas and apartments with its own exclusive onsen.

    US $800
  • Niseko Creekside A Outdoor Area | East HirafuNiseko Creekside A Living and Dining Area with TV | East Hirafu


    East Hirafu – Chalet
    3 Bedrooms

    Niseko Creekside is a beautiful luxury home away from home with high alpine ceilings.

    US $701
  • Setsu Niseko Outdoor View | Upper HirafuSetsu Niseko Living Area with View | Upper Hirafu


    Upper Hirafu – Apartments
    1, 2, 3, 4 Bedrooms

    Setsu Niseko will take Niseko apartment luxury to the next level in 2021.

    US $800
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    Shiki Niseko Living Area with Outdoor View | Upper HirafuNiseko Shiki Exterior


    Upper Hirafu – Hotel/Apartments
    1, 2, 3 Bedrooms

    Shiki Niseko is stylish and convenient, with restaurants, shops, ATM and other services in-house.

    US $306 US $244
  • Cisco Moon Lodge Spacious Living Area | Lower HirafuCisco Moon Lodge Drying Room | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet / Apartments
    8 bedrooms /  2 Bedrooms

    Cisco Moon Lodge is a spacious and luxuriously refurbished mountain lodge.

    US $278
  • Shikaku Apartments Exterior | Middle HirafuShikaku Apartments Living Area | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Apartments
    1, 2, 3 Bedrooms

    Hinzan offers spacious New York-style spaces amidst snowbound surrounds.

    US $362
  • Old Man Creek Exterior | East HirafuOld Man Creek Bedroom with Lamp | East Hirafu


    East Hirafu – Chalet
    5 Bedrooms

    Old Man Creek is a luxurious twin chalet in deep, snowy surrounds with beautiful scenic views.

    US $969
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    Yume House Living Kitchen and Dining Area | Middle HirafuYume House Outdoor View | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    2 Bedrooms

    Yume House is a traditional rural Japanese ski cottage with tatami (woven straw) room.

    US $318 US $270