No friends on a powder day, huh?

By 12th January 2014 June 28th, 2014 Niseko Snow Report

For all you powder hounds out there who have been heard to say ‘there’s no friends on a powder day’ in these last few weeks of incredible snowfall, I have a few questions:

Who’s going laugh and shout with you when you get to the bottom of your first glorious run, covered in fluffy white snow?

Niseko, the best snow in the world

Who is going to share their hip flask with you as you’re excitedly planning your next run in the gondola?

Niseko friends on a powder day

Who’s going to watch your back when you decide to explore off-piste, gliding amongst the trees on the feather light snow?

Who will help you dig your board out of the snowbank you land in after hitting an enticingly powdery white pillow?

Niseko friends on a powder day

Who is going to take a picture when you get the face shot of your life, a spray of snow that is so dry you can simply shake it off?

And last but not least, who is going to reminisce on every amazing moment with you over a beer that night?

If you are in Niseko, where it has snowed 37 days out of the last 43, you might get lonely hanging onto this philosophy! Friends make powder days better. That is the new movement.



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