Yunosato Desk

By 19th January 2008 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

Yunosato Desk make furniture, but they are artists rather than mere manufacturers. Business partners Shintaro Tashiro and Takeshi Sasaki share a love of wood, and each piece they create is handmade without using nails or screws. It really has to be seen to be truly appreciated, but joins are held firm by slots and fingers of wood. Each and every piece is meticulously designed and laboured over and nothing they put out is anything less than absolute perfection. Their workshop and showroom is a disused school at Rankoshi, about 20 minutes drive from Hirafu. Even if you have no intention of buying or ordering anything it’s worth a trip just to admire their work. Bring a Japanese speaker so you can gain an insight into just how much work goes into each piece. Their stuff isn’t cheap, but once you know what goes into it you’ll know why, and if you can afford it, will be happy to part with the money.

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