Yep, it was a good season

By 21st March 2009 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

THERE can be almost no doubting that if one of the main goals on your skiing holiday is to get untracked powder, you should be coming to Niseko. Local weather watcher Mike ‘Pow’ Richards collates his own snowfall data and has been keeping meticulous record for the past three seasons. According to Mike, at the time of going to print in mid-March, the longest period without any snowfall at village level all season was 10 days. And that was before the lifts started running for the season. In other words, if you were here for a two week holiday at any time this season you would have had your powder fix. Niseko has had more rainy days, more lift closures due to high winds, and more mid-winter warm spells than in previous seasons, but it is still head and shoulders above other resorts in Japan. By mid-March, Niseko had seen 11.4m of snow at village level this season. The heaviest snow month was January with 334cm overall and one whopping overnight dump of 52cm. February chipped in with 262cm and the dark horse, March, served up good falls to date and predictions are for persistent cold weather and more heavy falls in the weeks ahead.

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