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For the first time ever, the Hilton Niseko Village will be hosting the annual World Airlines Ski Championship from March 4 to 8. 

It’s only the second time that the WASC will be held in Asia, with the host locations usually alternating between Western Europe and North America. The first Asian host was Naeba in Niigata prefecture back in 1978. This year will be WASC’s 53rd time.

Over 400 attendees are confirmed to come. This includes competitors and supporters of the three race disciplines – Alpine, Snowboard, and Nordic. The competitors are employees from over 35 different airlines from around the world, ranging from pilots to engineers to airhostesses. Those who are participating in the events are members of the “Airline Ski Club”.

Some of the competitors are near Olympic level, while others are complete beginners. Regardless, WASC is an opportunity for Niseko to showcase itself to over 400 highly influential and experienced ski travellers. The event is likely to bring future business to this area and many see it as an opportunity to put Japan and Asia “on the circuit”.

According to an Airline Ski Club survey among 225 members, “all of them interact in their airline job with an average of over 106 members of the travelling public each week, and are sometimes (50% of those surveyed) or frequently (43% of those surveyed) asked by others for advice on where they should go on a ski holiday.” 

Two out of the five nights during WASC are “free” nights where attendees are encouraged to head into Hirafu Village to explore local businesses. Many guests are also taking longer vacations before and after the event and will be staying in accommodation in Hirafu.

The Hilton Niseko Village is still looking for sponsors to help support this event. For more information or questions please email:

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