Toyota Big Air kicks off

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One of the highest-prized straight jump competitions in the world kicked off today with 33 Japanese riders having just finished the pre-qualification round of the Toyota Big Air in Sapporo Dome. Today's final six riders will compete against invited big-names such as Eero Ettala from Finland, Scotty Lago from the US and defending champion Chas Guldemond tomorrow.
The ten invited international riders are expected to start training at 5pm today.

It’s the first time the Toyota Big Air takes place inside Sapporo Dome, with a 36m high ramp and comfortable temperatures around 10 degrees Celcius. The event used to be held in Makomanai Open Stadium, but the freezing temperatures and often strong wind took a toll on
riders’ confidence and spectators’ patience.

Around 10,000 people are currently in the Dome with about 20,000 to 30,000 spectators expected for tomorrow’s big day. The gate will open at noon, with the first round starting at 2pm and finals beginning around 7pm.

Powderlife will keep you up to date on the results and events throughout the day.

Height: 36m
Length: 130m
Max. inclination: 45 degrees

Head Judge: Jason Grossi, USA
Judges: Ryuichi Konno, Japan
Stefan Munz, Germany
Yoshikazu Nishida, Japan

Pre-Qualification results:

1. Yamane Toshiki, 267

2. Arai Choco Vanilla Ball, 242

3. 3. Matsuura Hiroki, 212

4. Fujimoto Hiroumi, 207

5. Fujimoto Teruumi 206

6. Seki Isao, 205

Invited International Riders:

Chas Guldemond (USA), champion from last season
Ulrik Badertscher (NOR), AIR&Style Beijing 2011 Champion
Mark McMorris (CAN)
Scotty Lago (USA)
Antoine Truchon (CAN)
Eero Ettala (FIN), 2005 and 2009 Toyota Big Air winner
Halldor Helgason (ISL), Toyota Big Air debut
Marko Grilc (SLO)

Invited Japanese riders:

Keito Kumazaki (JPN)
Kazushige Fujita (JPN)

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