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IF you are craving for a mix of sweet and savoury, why not try meat flavoured chocolate. These morsels, from beef to chicken curry flavour, can be bought in several souvenir shops around Niseko.

Meat chocolate might not be everyone’s idea of delicious, but a chocolatier and food chemist from New Zealand recently introduced her new venison flavoured treats at a conference of New Zealand’s Meat Industry Association and has won many customers since.

Hanna Frederick says meat and chocolate might be a weird combination, but that they go together “amazingly well”. Her meat chocolate was served as a starter to 150 people at the conference, and had proven a hit with the men “who can’t get enough of it”. Frederick admitted that “women tend to love their chocolate more fruity, more feminine, and I guess meat doesn’t have that feel to it.”

Made from a blend of dark chocolate and groundup salty dried meat, the snack has a “delicious” salami aftertaste, Frederick claims. Beef tendon and curry are the most popular meat chocolates here in Niseko, with both flavours regularly selling out. Look for shops that sell Hokkaido’s famous Royce chocolate and it’s likely they will also have the company’s meat flavoured treats in stock.

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