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Famous for some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Japan and secluded hot springs, Tenninkyo offers stunning scenery in all four seasons.

Hike the gorge covered in primeval forest and take your first break at Hagoromo-no-taki, which could be translated as “Heavenly Robe Falls”. According to legend, a Shinto goddess used to hang her robe there before taking a bath, hence the name. With a 270-meter drop it is listed as one of Japan’s “Best Waterfalls” and is the third largest in the country.

Nearby Shikishima-no-taki is also a powerful spectacle, known as the Niagara Falls of the Orient. It is 50m wide with a 20-meter drop and has a massive pool, which is good for a swim in summer. In winter you could soak in Tenninkyo’s Hot Springs while looking at the snow-covered surrounding cliffs and forests.

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