Spring is back

By 29th March 2008 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

After a particularly cold winter with some huge storms across the country, it has come to an abrupt end the length of the archipelago. Tokyo has recorded unseasonably warm temperatures as high as 17 degrees. The famous sakura (cherry blossom) trees are expected to come into early bloom. Meanwhile up in Hokkaido we’re experiencing rain when usually it would be still dumping snow! Last season one of the biggest dumps of the season came in mid-March. At time of going to print we were on track for one of the worst March snowfall records of all time. With no snow predicted for the week ahead we were at 38cm for the month. The last really poor recent March was 2003 with 77cm. Last year we got 1.6m and in 2005 we had two and a half metres! Even in April there is generally still a foot or so of snow around, but hopes are starting to wane we’ll get that last powder fix for season 07/08. One thing’s for certain… there’ll be plenty more next season!

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