Shunsai’s Japanese-style Daikon Oroshi Steak Sauce

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THIS recipe comes to us courtesy of Shunsai’s creative chef, Hirotsugu Hashimoto. Using fresh vegetables from his own organic farm, Hashimoto-san specialises in creating fresh, colourful, unique dishes. This classic Japanese daikon radish steak sauce goes beautifully with venison, but just as well with many other meats.

 1 daikon radish
 1 apple
 50g ginger
 1L of dashi (Japanese soup stock)
 Soy sauce to taste
200ml orange juice
 1 tsp Japanese vinegar

1. Grate daikon radish, apple and ginger, then add to 1L of dashi stock, and place pot on heat until boiling
2. Add soy sauce to taste
3. Then add orange juice and vinegar

How to make dashi (soup stock)

 1L of water
 30g dried bonito (fish flakes)
 10g konbu seaweed

1. Soak konbu seaweed in water for about 30 minutes
2. Place pot on low heat until almost boiling, then remove seaweed from water
3. When soup has boiled, add dried bonito, then remove pot from stovetop
4. When dried bonito has sunk, strain stock through paper towel

How to make perfect venison steak
1. Carefully select a thick, fresh piece of venison
2. Add oil to a pan and heat until it smokes lightly
3. Briefly grill on a high heat until both sides are seared on the outside, but left rare in the centre

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