Rain down low but snow up high

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IT’S been raining all day at village level in Niseko, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – up high where it’s below freezing there’s no doubt there’s plenty of snowflakes falling.

According to local forecasts, a solid 10cm+ of snow has fallen at the top of the mountain today.

Since the good covering of snow around the streets of Hirafu at the end of October, there hasn’t been any more at village level.

There’s no snow deposited around the village anymore, but this morning looking up to the front of the mountain, the runs were dusted with fresh snow from about half way up.

Niseko in November is often rainy, cold and everyone is working hard preparing for the winter crowds.
It’s hard to believe that the mountain is expected to open in about three weeks.

But Niseko can turn on the snow anytime so nobody here is worried.

A resort not too far from Niseko called Nakayama Toge opened last weekend after record early snowfalls.

A few die-hard snowboarders from Hirafu went to test it out and weren’t disappointed.

Of course it was a little wet and patchy, but they were amazed by the opportunity to go snowboarding in October.

We’ll have to wait till the clouds part to see just how much we’ve had up there but there’s no doubt it’s going to be white up there.

Stay tuned for more autumn updates from Niseko.

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