Please don’t ski in the village

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Not only is it stupidly dangerous, skiing on public roads could land you in trouble with the law.

“It’s an illegal act based on the road traffic regulations,” said Grand Hirafu public information manager Fumio Sato.

“If the police see you skiing on the road, they will stop you.”

It has to be said that a legal situation in Japan is something you don’t want to experience.

While it might seem harmless, roads aren’t designed to be skied on and are almost always very icy.

Ordinary skis and boards won’t react the same as they will on a soft, groomed slope, so you could get into real trouble if you need to stop quickly as a bus rounds a bend.

Grand Hirafu’s shuttle bus drivers are very concerned as they spend their days rounding corners and being confronted by out-of-control skiers.

“Because the roads are very slippery, it’s difficult for the bus drivers to deal with unexpected skiers’ movements,” Sato-san said.

Signs are being put up but does it really need to be said?

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