Outdoor Goods Flea Market in NAC, 9-10 Oct

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NAC Niseko Adventure Centre will be organizing an outdoor goods flea market this weekend.

A variety of goods will be available! You can even find rare or limited-edition items.

NAC is seeking outdoor goods that you want to sell. Clean up your storage and sell your old things! New to flea markets? Don’t worry, NAC will take care of all sales. Details are below.

Date: 9 Oct (Sun) 12:00-17:00
     10 Oct (Mon) 10:00-17:00
Venue: NAC Centre Outside Terrace

【What can I find?】
Outdoor wear, footwear, bags and packs, kayaks & canoes, camping goods, skis, snowboards, fishing goods, bikes, and more…

【So you want to sell your stuff?】
■How to sell:
・NAC staff will be in charge of selling your items.
・Display charge is 20% of sales total.
■How to supply:
・8 Oct (Sat) 12:00-20:00 at NAC Centre
・9 Oct (Sun) 9:00-11:00 at Outside Terrace
・After checking in your items, fill in an application form (address, name, telephone number, bank account, ID copy) and you will receive tags to attach to your goods.
■How to receive payment and unsold items?
・After 17:30-20:00 at the Centre.
・The tag stubs are required for return.
・Any seller who doesn’t come will receive your sales total minus the bank fee and display charge via a bank transfer. Goods will be returned COD.
・We accept only goods from seller who personally come to the Centre, not via shipment.
・Staff will determine whether your items are outdoor goods and if they are acceptable.
・For heavy (over 10kg) or long items (over 2m), please ask in advance.
・We are not responsible for broken, lost, or stolen items.

More information: NAC Niseko Adventure Centre Tel:0136-23-2093

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