Niseko Snow Report // November 21, 2009

By 21st November 2009 June 28th, 2014 Niseko Snow Report

And on the seventh day, God snuck in a few deep turns… This last week on the run into opening day proves not only the existence of God, but also that God loves fresh turns as much as the rest of us! (I wonder though. Does God have to queue up?)

A week ago many people were shaking their heads saying "it’ll never open on time", but Tokyu know a thing or two and the cover on opening day was fantastic. A fresh 30cms in the last 24 hours covered over an ever increasing base. It looks like the snow will keep on till mid-tomorrow, then some warm air may bring a change.

What’s now falling as snow all over the village could turn to rain Sunday afternoon at lower elevations. The top (which is really all that’s officially open anyway) should be getting hammered with another huge dump Sunday evening.

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