Nitro Gun Snowboard

By 7th February 2009 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

“I am Shark Man. I am Hungry.” So says the opening line of the classic Car Danchi 2 DVD, overlayed on a shot of a diminutive Japanese shredder ripping some incredible turns in deep powder on one of the notorious Nitro Guns. If this 181cm deck is not too long for him then it’s not too long for you either. This board also graces the DVD cover of Car Danchi 3. Just the look of it screams of deep, deep snow. If you think you’ve got an all-mountain board that will perform as well riding switch in the Stomping Ground as it does on extra deep days in the back bowl, you’re wrong – there’s no such thing. Genuine Nisekophiles should be packing a directional powderstick, and Nitro’s is one of the best. The massive swallow tail and signature shark’s mouth base graphic will make sure you turn heads in the lift queues but this board is more than just for show. The nose will rise above the lightest and deepest powder and it is built with plenty of flex so you can really whip your turns, and bend it to fit it in the Gondola. Available from Victoria Sports in Kanda, Tokyo ¥78,000