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By 21st December 2009 June 28th, 2014 Niseko Snow Report

THE most sustained snowfalls to hit Niseko in years have relentlessly belted the Hokkaido ski town with close to 3m of accumulated powder in the past week. 

After a slow, warm start to winter, the thermometer has plummeted and snow measurements have skyrocketed – just in time for everyone flooding into town for the Christmas-New Year holidays.
At the foot of the mountain, there is now a base of about 1.2m, and at peak level around 2m or more. Most of the snow that fell to build this base has fallen in the last week.
What makes this season’s inundation of powder different to past winters is there have been no storms to speak of – just continuous, seemingly unstoppable snowfalls.
This week, there have literally been 24-hour periods where a metre of snow or more has fallen, playing havoc with cars in driveways, but bringing smiles and hoots from skiers and boarders who are up to waist-deep on the mountain.
There has even been whispers around town of the snow being too deep in parts, which is true to some extent, with some areas of the mountain so powdery they’re unrideable with even the fattest of powder skis and boards. But you won’t see many complaining.
With just over 11m in total snowfall last season, we’re well on our way to taking a massive chunk out of that.
For those who dreamed of a white Christmas, your dreams have come true.
It’s not looking as though the snow is going to cease any time soon either. The extended forecast for the next week or so predict falls will continue throughout the week, also adding we could well be in for a clear and sunny Christmas Day. Could the outlook be more perfect?
With a little more snow, we could see the much-anticipated opening of the Niseko backcountry gates some time around Christmas or New Year’s – so fingers crossed.
For all who are lucky enough to be in Niseko to experience this powdery phenomenon, enjoy Mother Nature’s Christmas gift to us all.

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