Niseko priest’s ski safety prayer stickers

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Let’s face it, even though that powder is soft, skiing and snowboarding always carry a small amount of risk. So we could all do with someone looking out for us while we’re out on the slopes this winter, right?

Niseko Town’s cool new Shinto priest Akihiko Tamaki has created a good luck charm sticker specifically designed for Niseko’s skiers and snowboarders. The idea is the same as “omamori” amulets that visitors can buy at Japanese shrines and tie to their phones, bags or purses.

Niseko Kaributo Shrine Omamori Sticker

“They are said to put
the power of the gods into
a pocket-sized blessing.”

Tamaki-san also wants them to be a nice little souvenir that will remind visitors of their time in Niseko. “If people have a great run and they feel the sticker helped them through it, that would be nice. I’d like it to become a trigger for respect for the mountain and conditions.”

Stickers can be purchased for ¥700 only from the Kaributo Shrine in the middle of Niseko Town – just a couple of doors down from Seicomart. Look for the giant “tori” shrine gates just off the main road.

Photos: Aaron Jamieson

Kaributo Shrine
Address: 〒048-1502 北海道虻田郡ニセコ町本通218

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