Niseko has a wakeboard park!

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NISEKO’s summer has stepped up a gear with this weekend’s opening of the Hanazono Activity Centre, complete with Hokkaido’s first cable wakeboard/waterski park, MTB Park, summer Bag Jump and more.

The Activity Centre is the first stage of resort owner Nihon Harmony Resort’s broad development strategy for the Hanazono area, which is to create an all-season luxury resort with the first phase of construction planned for 2012.

Set on a small lake surrounded by dense green forest, the Wakeboard Park runs off a “System 2.0” straight line cable about 200m long. More pics here.

Towards the end of each run the rider can use their inertia to swing wide before being pulled back in the opposite direction, allowing a continuous ride backward and forward.

In the middle of the straight there is a rail and jump box with more to come, and plans for another cable allowing a beginners and advanced cables next year.

Any trick that can be done behind a boat or in any cable ski park around the world can theoretically be done in Hanazono’s Wakeboard Park.

Nihon Harmony Resorts marketing spokesperson Rhett Roylance said the park created a number of firsts for cable skiing in Japan and would appeal to a wide variety of thrill seekers.

“It’s the first cable wakeboard park in Hokkaido and the first fresh water and System 2.0 cable in Japan,” he said.

“It will appeal to just about anyone but definitely skiers, snowboarders, surfers and skaters will pick it up quite easily.

“Initially visitors will be locals and people from Sapporo and within Japan. It’s just the first stage so definitely we hope to attract international visitors as it develops over the next couple of years.”

Rhett said the system could also be used on the snow, and Harmony was looking at the possibility of setting up at the base of Hanazono in winter.

Hanazono’s other summer activities include cross country mountain bike trails, summer tubing, a spider web and climbing wall.

Check out the setup for the Bag Jump and Flower Park at @ Hanazono 308, and the MTB Park.

Hanazono Activity Centre
Open 9am-4pm from June 26 – October 11

Bike Park
Tickets: 2 hours ¥2500 / 4 hours ¥4000 / 1 day ¥5000
Wakeboard Park
Tickets: 2 hours ¥4000 / 4 hours ¥6000 / 1 day ¥8000
Bag Jump
Tickets: 2 hours ¥2000 / 4 hours ¥3500 / 1 day ¥5000
Day Pass
Includes Bike Park, Bag Jump and 1 hour wakeboarding  ¥5900


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