Mt. Yotei’s hut closing 10 September

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The caretaker of the mountain hut on Mt. Yotei has announced that he will close the hut for the season on the morning of October 10th.

Because the main entrance will be locked after 10 Oct., anyone who wants to enter the hut can only use the second floor window to get in. Rental sleeping bags and blankets will no longer be available.

Mt. Yotei up-to-date info (in Japanese) 

It has been snowing around the top of Mt. Yotei since last Friday (30 Sep), and there is about 10cm of snowfall around the hut. The maximum temperature has not reached 0C since.

The weight of the snow has knocked down several shrubs, covering the hiking course and making it very difficult to walk through.

Climbing Mt. Yotei during winter requires adequate skills, equipment, and experience. Entering the mountain wilderness with light clothing in winter is very dangerous. If you have a plan to climb Mt. Yotei during winter, please be well prepared, be aware of up-to-date weather, and make a reasonable plan.

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