Lest we forget; Japan is more than just a snow factory

By 14th January 2014 April 22nd, 2019 Entertainment, Travel Tips

Hafu poster copyI felt like a bit of a hypocrite writing this title because I definitely migrated to Niseko for its powder… or should I say powder life, wink wink.

Aside from riding the best snow of my life, I have also made a hobby of embracing the fascinating cultural intricacies of Japan, and I am not just talking about food!

This Sunday I am heading to a screening of the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Hafu: The mixed race experience in Japan’, which is playing at the Hokkaido International School Niseko, free of charge.

It documents the challenges experienced by mixed raced children growing up in Japan, a land that adheres proudly to tradition. The case studies appear to be from the past decade, and the focus is on the bright future that is developing out of multi-cultural acceptance.

It makes me feel good to learn more about the culture I have imposed myself upon, kind of the way I feel after eating salad instead of pizza. This film has a good rap and is in both Japanese and English, so it should make for an enjoyable and horizon-expanding evening.

Hope to see you at Hokkaido International School Niseko this Sunday 19th January between 4pm-6pm for a hit of cultural awareness.

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