Kokoroya Kimonos and Souvenirs

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Kokoroya owner Chizuko-san has always been fascinated with kimonos. One day, she saw a box filled with Kimono in the garbage and thought what a waste that such a beautiful thing should be thrown away. So she decided she would start using this traditional material to make modern clothes and accessories. She hopes to encourage people not to throw away old things that can still be of use to others. Chizuko-san opened Kokoroya in Kutchan four years ago and last year she also opened Kokoroya Hirafu in the Dragon Restaurant and Bar building, just below the traffic lights. One of the most popular items among foreigners is obi (kimono belts) for ornamental display. Every Sunday, Obi and Kimono are 10 per cent off (not inc. items on sale).

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