Kamimura’s dried scallop cream

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THIS fortnight’s recipe comes from Yuichi Kamimura, head chef at Hirafu’s famous Kamimura restaurant. Kamimura-san parts with some closely held secrets for this delectable dried scallop cream dish.


 50   gm dried scallops
    1   bunch chives
  50   ml fresh cream
  50   ml mayonnaise

    1   egg yolk
  15   gm mustard
  10   ml white wine vinegar
100   ml grape seed oil
         Salt to taste

1. Put egg yolk, mustard and vinegar in a bowl. Mix together.
2. Pour grape seed oil into the egg yolk, mustard and vinegar ‘little by little’. Keep mixing and moving with a whisk. Salt it to taste.
3. Put dried scallops and 100ml of water in a small pan and simmer until the scallops become soft.
4. Chop the chives, then mix with mayonnaise, and serve the scallops covered in their new sauce.

Perfect scallops
1. Leave in a salt marinade 30 minutes. 2. Drain all water from the scallops.
3. Add more salt before cooking.
4. When pan is very hot, cook very briefly on their sides, leaving the inside rare.

This recipe is for dried scallop cream, but the sauce is also delicious with grilled fish, steamed vegetables and dipping.

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