Japanese Cuisine Guide

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Sushi A slice of raw fish served on a rectangular cube of rice.

Sashimi A slice of raw fish on its own, not on a rectangular cube of rice.

Ramen Chinese style Japanese noodles. A Hokkaido specialty – must try!

Soba Light Japanese buckwheat noodles served hot or cold in a soy-flavored, or sometimes clear, broth made from fish and seaweed stock.

Udon Thick noodles made from wheat flour served either hot or cold and with various toppings.

Curry Rice A Japanese (and now foreign!) favourite, especially on ski hills. Usually thicker, sweeter and milder than it’s Indian equivalent.

Katsu Curry Curry rice with a bread-crumbed, deep fried pork cutlet on top

Donburi A bowl of rice with some other food on top – tempura (tendon), egg and chicken (oyakodon), tonkatsu (katsudon) and beef (gyudon).

Nabe Meat and vegetable soup prepared in a hot pot, usually at the table. Typical ingredients are negi (Japanese leek), Chinese cabbage, various mushrooms, seafood and/or meat. Especially popular in the cold winter months.

Okonomiyaki Extremely popular with foreigners – a Japanese-style pizza / pancake made with flour, cabbage, vegetables, meat and seafood.

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