IXSM Travel

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IXSM Travel owner Shinji Hirose is an ideas man but he just wishes he had more time to bring all his pearls of widom to life. In fact, he often has an idea, opens his big mouth and someone else does it before he’s even had a chance. The travel agency is the main part of his business – organising day tours and package tours – to Japan, around Japan and especially anything to do with Hokkaido and Niseko. If you want to get out and about in Niseko or Hokkaido during your stay, Shinji’s your man. Even if you don’t know what to do, you can be sure Shinji will be able to give you a few ideas! Among his other services, he rents and sells mobile phones, does car rental, offers a medical translation service for a fraction of the price of others around town, and even helps organise ski and snowboard competitions. If there’s something you need in Niseko, call Shinji. If he doesn’t already offer it, he (or someone else) probably will by the next time you’re in Niseko!

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