International Exchange Centre

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NISEKO Town held an explanation evening on March 4 in the local community centre outlining the proposed Niseko International Exchange Centre, which is earmarked to be located next to the Niseko Elementary school in a refurbished building centre of Niseko Town. The proposed International Exchange Centre will be created with the aim of creating a stronger local economy that encourages improved growth and positive International relations in our town and district.

It is proposed that the Niseko International Exchange Centre will house an international school – this is not 100% confirmed until the application for a license to operate in Niseko has been cleared, the results of this application are due to be released later in the year.

At the event, The Hokkaido International School outlined what an International School is and what sort of curriculum, what types of activities an international school would offer and what it would potentially mean to the community.

The evening offered a stage for Niseko Town to discuss international relations and education with members of the public.

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