“Hokkaido Attraction Promotion Movie Contest” to take place this winter

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When you hear the word, “Hokkaido,” what do you think of?

It could be the beautiful and magnificent nature, our various and pristine local foods, or even events like the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Why not share your favorite secret spots, local foods, and unique aspects of Hokkaido with the rest of Japan and the rest of the world? What if you could win a prize?

Then enter the Hokkaido Attraction Promotion Movie Contest! The contest will take place this coming winter, but make sure to have footage from all four seasons, including summer, ready before then.

・Application period: mid-December 2011 – mid-February 2012
・Length of movie: 1 minute or less (film, animation, etc.)
・Prize for winner: 100,000yen
・Details of the contest will be announced online and via other media including flyers and posters starting in October.

Hokkaido Government
(Attn: Yamamoto, Public Relations and Opinions Division, Office of the Governor, Department of Policy Planning and Coordination)
Tel: 011 204 5111
Mail: yamamoto.katsuhiro@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp

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