Hirafu Marche Autumn 2010,3 October

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Following the Niseko Kira Kira Market, there are 2 more markets open at different sites!
Fresh local products and seafood will be sold at both markets. Flea markets and food stands are also on site.
Don’t miss this chance to enjoy socialising with locals and great food of autumn Niseko!

【Hirafu Marche Autumn 】
■Theme: ”Activity” 
■Date&Time : 3 October, 9am-3pm
■place: the Hirafu parking lot-1.
■features: the outdoor-activity experience courner

【Niseko Marche Autumn 】
■Theme: ”Music” 
■Date&Time : 10 October,10am-2:30pm
■place:Niseko Higashiyama, in front of Milk Kobo
■features: The Yotei-daiko team, local band, Alpenhorn, and other various music will be performed while the market is open.

More info http://www.niseko-festival.com/

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