Hiking in Niseko

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NISEKO is a stunning place to hike in the summertime. The landscape is beautiful and the terrain varies from gentle forest walks to challenging mountain climbs.

Niseko probably isn’t going to give the serious mountaineer too much of a rush, but for your weekend hiker and nature lover, it offers tremendous variety.

The premier hike is of course Mt Yotei. If you’re a keen hiker, this is THE one you want to tick off your list. The accomplishment of reaching the summit and witnessing the inside of the massive, rarely seen crater will be enough for most, but the trek up will be of particular interest to botanists and nature lovers – there are several distinct changes in vegetation as you climb, from forests to fields of flowers (which by the way are at their best in July). There are four paths up Yotei-zan and the ascent generally takes most people between four and six hours

The other big one is Mt Annupuri – the mother of Niseko’s four main ski resorts. Standing on the peak without having used any lifts to get there is a truly satisfying experience. The view – including glimpses of both the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan – is awe-inspiring.

Other peaks within a short drive of Niseko are Mt Iwaonupuri, Chisenupuri, Shiribetsu-dake and Konbu-dake. Basically, if you based yourself in Niseko for a week, there would be more than enough to keep you busy hiking every day.

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