Halloween Ezo Style

By 25th October 2010 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

Evidence suggests Halloween's roots are linked to Celtic festivals, Roman feasts and Catholicism. But, no one is too certain. One thing we do know is that Halloween is a great excuse for a party.

This weekend Ezo Pub (Hilton) will host a Halloween party this Sunday night. There will be a free shuttle bus departing from the Hirafu Welcome Centre at 5:40 pm. Last bus back to Hirafu will be leaving Hilton Niseko at 11:15pm, via Sanso.

Ezo is offering all-you-can-drink (two hours) for ¥2,500 along with free karaoke and a live DJ.

For those who want to stay the night, there is a special room-rate for Ezo guests: Twin room ¥8000 or Twin room with 2 x Hilton Buffet Breakfast ¥12,000.

Of course you are encouraged to dress up in costume and there are prizes for those who do.

Call Hilton Niseko Village on 0136-44-1111 for more information.    

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