GREEN HOUSE, Izumikyo 1, Yuki Eguchi

By 16th December 2010 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

COOK, artist and keen snowboarder Yuki Eguchi moved to Niseko in 1998 (12 seasons ago), after living in Tokyo for most of her life.

She’s done winter seasons in New Zealand and Canada, but loves Niseko because it’s different from other places in Japan. She believes that in Niseko people are doing the things they want to do, and that there are many interesting people who live here.

Yuki owns and operates Green House, which offers lunch-box delivery to local businesses, massage and handmade clothes, in addition to great organic and vegetarian sit-down lunches. Yuki wants to be healthy and happy in the future and acknowledges the support of her friends in helping her run her small business.

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