Danger of a massive climax (full depth) avalanche is rising

By 16th April 2012 June 28th, 2014 Snow

On April 14, The Niseko Avalanche Research Center released a special Niseko Avalanche Info bulletin for the spring announcing increasing danger of a massive climax (full depth) avalanche outside of the ski resort boundaries, in backcountry zones, as we progress toward spring. Make sure to check out the Niseko Avalanche Info page before going skiing or snowboarding in Niseko.

The Niseko Annupuri Avalanche Prevention Committee, organized by the Niseko Avalanche Research Center, concerned ski resorts, and the towns of Niseko and Kutchan, does not recommend backcountry skiing and snowboarding, but honors your decision to do so and encourages you to take measures to ensure your own safety.

Please be aware of the avalanche danger when you ride in the backcountry and comply with Niseko Avalanche Info and Ski Patrol instructions

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2012.04.14 Saturday  author : ニセコ雪崩調査所
ニセコなだれ情報 春山臨時号 (107号) Niseko Avalanche Info., Spring Edition
The temperature has been stagnating low for April. The snowmelt in lower altitude is progressing and cracks are forming in south facing slopes under 800m altitude, however the melting is delayed in high altitude and cracks that usually form at this time of the season are yet to open this year. Dangers of a massive climax (ground) avalanche will rise in the Backbowl, Osawa SE facing 1000m area and Higashione area as the temperature rises in late April. These devastating slides run for 2km long and 500m in altitude difference. It is highly recommended to avoid riding or resting in gully lines and valley bottoms in order to avoid crucial situations. Cornices get heavier and loosen as the snow melts. Also, cracks are difficult to see from above, be careful not to fall into. Falling in the stream and getting carried away under a snowbridge could result in critical consequences. The streams are swelling as the snow melts and water temperature is freezing cold. Do not underestimate the risks, remain prudent and carefully select your route. The snow season will last another while, enjoy the shining spring mountains.

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