Chan Chan Yaki – Hokkaido fisherman’s hot pot

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IN this issue, top local restaurateur Onii-chan (which affectionately means ‘big brother’) from A-Bu-Cha shares his recipe for Chan Chan Yaki, a local fisherman’s hot pot full of Hokkaido salmon and veggies. Itadakimasu!

(serves 2-3 people)

Core ingredients
200   gm Hokkaido salmon
200   gm thickly sliced cabbage and
         thinly sliced yellow onions
 1/4   bunch shimeji mushrooms
 1/4   bunch maitake mushrooms
         Add any other veggies you like!
         A splash of salad oil
 2-3   tbsp of sake

Chan miso pesto
  30   gm red miso paste
  30   gm white miso paste
100   ml sake
  30   ml mirin sauce
    1   tbsp sugar
         A splash of soy sauce
         Sprinkle of ichi mi chilli powder to taste


1. Cut and prepare salmon and veggies ready for the pot, and mix the chan miso pesto paste (below left).

2. On a cold fry pan or BBQ add salad oil, followed by the salmon. Put miso pesto on top of the salmon, and then add vegetables and mushrooms.

3. Add 2-3 tbsp of sake covering everything, put on the lid and cook on a high heat.

4. Heat until pot is steaming, cook and mix until the moisture from the vegetables reduces to a thick, creamy hot pot sauce.

5. Mix ingredients again thoroughly, and serve.

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