Bonbori Souvenir Shop

By 22nd December 2007 June 28th, 2014 People, Travel Tips

Bonbori is a charming little souvenir shop just down the hill from Australia House, opposite the Seciomart. It’s jointly owned by three ladies – Mukai-san, Takahashi-san (pictured) and Nagahama-san who met while working as reflexologists at Makkari Onsen. The inspiration for their shop came from Takahashi-san who had always wanted to communicate with foreigners through calligraphy. They look into their dictionaries and print names and other messages in Japanese/Chinese characters (Kanji) on T-shirts, cloth or cardboard for wall hangings. Previously they had a service for foreigners where they could have their photo taken wearing kimonos and are wondering if they should do it again. If you think so, let them know! Takahashi-san thinks it’s interesting to see Hirafu grow so fast – her husband believes that to run a successful business in Hirafu now you need ‘yosomono, wakamono, and bakamono’ (outside people, young people and crazy people).

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