Beatniks Apartment Sasurai

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Beatniks apartment is a funky store in Kutchan right next to Takiguchi sports. The owner Daisei-san sells a range of unique artwork, cool t-shirts and jumpers, and unique jewellery he’s collected from his travels all over the world, and some he made himself. You can even find lamps, unique furniture and calligraphy. This place is full of surprises. Daisei-san was born in Sapporo and grew up wanting to be en explorer or an archeologist. He never became one but lives his life like he had. He decides where he wants to go next by looking at a map and finding a place that he’s never heard of and going there. He once went to a tiny island in Micronesia and ended up being taken in by a family because they told him it was dangerous to be there by himself. Daisei-san is a talented artist and designer who designed a Yonex snowboard and did the artwork for the Shimano test centre in Moiwa and the Loaf Lounge in Kutchan. His artwork was also once displayed in Italy.

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