Niseko Snow Report // February 14 // 2010

By 14th February 2010 June 28th, 2014 Niseko Snow Report

If you have never done a Niseko Nighter today would be a great one to start with – the consistent snow looks set to continue and by the time the lights click on, the mountain will be well nigh deserted. When it’s snowing like this your tracks just about disappear under fresh snow in the time it takes you to do a lap so it’s always fresh. Add the great vis that those light towers give you and the quiet and you’ve got a great evening’s skiing.

Grab a quick bite now and head on up, then get out among the various CNY festivities when you come down…

Happy Chinese New Year to you all! Hope the Year of the Tiger brings you all you hope.

The next few days look pretty similar, with a front moving in round Wednesday. Expect wind and snowfall to increase round then.

If you are heading out back, check the conditions here first. I did a couple of high laps yesterday and have gotta say there are lots of tracks up there now making the conditions difficult. There were a couple of people out who clearly had no place being there. There were also few people doing really silly things. Smarten up or start thinking about who’s going to collect your Darwin Award for you!

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