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  • Miyabi Living Area | Lower HirafuMiyabi Outdoor Area with Snow | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Miyabi is a spacious Japanese-chic alpine chalet affording supreme comfort and luxury furnishings.

    US $1,151
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    One Happo Dining with Mountain View | Happo VillageOne Happo Exterior | Happo Village


    Happo Village – Chalet
    5 Bedrooms

    One Happo is the pinnacle of indulgence for snow-obsessed groups with a taste for straight-up contemporary style.

    US $5,487 US $4,938
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    Hokkaidaway Living and Dining Area | West HirafuHokkaidaway Outdoor Area with Snow | West Hirafu


    West Hirafu – Chalet
    3 Bedrooms

    Hokkaidaway is a bright and stylish contemporary chalet set amidst snowy forest.

    US $425 US $382
  • Tsudoi Exterior at Night | East HirafuTsudoi Lift Area | East Hirafu


    East Hirafu – Chalet
    6 Bedrooms

    Tsudoi is one of the most luxurious new chalets in Niseko and has its own gym.

    US $3,990
  • Altitude Hakuba Entrance | Upper WadanoAltitude Hakuba Living and Dining Area | Upper Wadano


    Upper Wadano – Chalet
    4, 8 Bedrooms

    Recently refurbished, Altitude Hakuba one of the highest grade apartments in Hakuba.

    US $485
  • Jun Living Area at Night | Lower HirafuJun Front Entrance at Night | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    6 Bedrooms

    Stylish, spacious, stunning – Jun is a sublime chalet to call home for your Niseko holiday.

    US $2,339
  • Mukashi Mukashi Night View | Middle HirafuMukashi Mukashi Living Area | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    6 Bedrooms

    Bold, artistic finishes throughout make Mukashi Mukashi an inspiring retreat for your holiday.

    US $2,344
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    Phoenix Cocoon Balcony View from Outside | Lower WadanoPhoenix Cocoon Lounge Area with TV | Lower Wadano


    Lower Wadano – Chalet
    3 Bedrooms

    Phoenix Cocoon is a luxury chalet featuring a well-curated, stylish interior set amidst the Wadano Forest.

    US $1,070 US $963
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    Phoenix One Living and Dining Area | Lower WadanoPhoenix One Outdoor Area Night View | Lower Wadano


    Lower Wadano – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Phoenix One features a stunning interior along with a range of luxurious amenities.

    US $2,287 US $2,058

    Annupuri – Chalet
    4+ Bedrooms

    Spacious living and entertainment areas plus pool, cinema, wine cellar and full service.

    US $19,250
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    Tellus Niseko Living and Dining Area with Mountain View | Upper Hirafu


    Upper Hirafu – Apartments
    1, 2, 3 Bedrooms

    Tellus Niseko sets a new Hirafu standard – including onsen bath in every apartment.

    US $425 US $318
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    Akatsuki TV Room | Middle Hirafu VillageAkatsuki Exterior with Snow | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    5 Bedrooms

    Akatsuki is a beautifully stylish luxury chalet full of alpine charm perched on a cliff edge.

    US $1,233 US $986
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    Aspect Niseko Lounge Area | Middle Hirafu VillageAspect Niseko Outdoor View with Mountain | Middle Hirafu Village


    Middle Hirafu – Apartments
    2, 3, 5 Bedrooms

    Aspect Niseko combines quality, space and views in these magnificent holiday apartments.

    US $805 US $644
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    Kazahana Exterior Night View | Middle HirafuxKazahana Balcony View with Mountain View | Middle Hirafux


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    6 Bedrooms

    Modern architecture and gorgeous views on some of Niseko’s most exclusive real estate.

    US $1,418 US $1,134
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    Setsu In Exterior | HanazonoSetsu In Living Area | Hanazono


    Hanazono – Chalet
    3 Bedrooms

    Setsu-In is a secluded contemporary chalet with gorgeous snowbound forest views in the North Hills area.

    US $680 US $544
  • Asahi Lodge Outdoor Snow | Izumikyo 3Asahi Lodge Living Area with Up Stairs | Izumikyo 3


    East Hirafu – Chalet
    5 Bedrooms

    Asahi Lodge features spacious Canadian-style ski holiday luxury with stunning outlooks.

    US $1,376
  • Tsubaki Living Area | Lower HirafuTsubaki Outdoor Area with Snow | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Tsubaki blends exquisite Japanese style with Western luxury and alpine architecture.

    US $1,151
  • Big Valley Day View | Lower HirafuBig Valley Kitchen and Dining Area | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Big Valley is a block of three modern Japanese townhouse chalets with winter-wonderland forest views.

    US $769
  • Kasetsu Exterior with Snow | Lower HirafuNiseko Kasetsu Living Area Night View | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    6 Bedrooms

    Kasetsu is huge luxury home with a range of bedroom options and comfortable living areas.

    US $2,479
  • Zekkei Outdoor Area with Stunning Mountain View | Lower HirafuZekkei Spacious Living Area with TV | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    6 Bedrooms

    Zekkei is a magnificent chalet set over three floors in an exclusive location on the Lower Hirafu cliff edge.

    US $1,755