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  • Karamatsu Entrance | Middle HirafuKaramatsu TV Room | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Karamatsu is a beautiful, modern alpine chalet with traditional Japanese features.

    US $724
  • Kasetsu Exterior with Snow | Lower HirafuNiseko Kasetsu Living Area Night View | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    6 Bedrooms

    Kasetsu is huge luxury home with a range of bedroom options and comfortable living areas.

    US $2,479
  • Mojos Up Stairs Kitchen | Lower HirafuMojos Outdoor Area with Snow | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    3 Bedrooms

    Mojos is a modern luxury chalet with a traditional Japanese feel in a quiet location.

    US $677
  • Neyuki Townhouses Kitchen and Lounge Area | Middle HirafuNeyuki Townhouses Exterior | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    4, 5 Bedrooms

    Neyuki Townhouses are a modern pair of chalet townhouses designed with large groups in mind.

    US $528
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    Nupuri Cottage Exterior with Snow | Lower HirafuNupuri Cottage Kitchen Living and Dining Area | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    2 Bedrooms

    Nupuri Cottage is cute and cosy log cabin outside, and modern boutique ski chalet inside.

    US $362 US $253
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    Powder Haven Living Area | Lower HirafuPowder Haven Exterior | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Apartments
    2 Bedrooms

    Powder Haven is a comfortable modern boutique apartments with stylish modern furnishings.

    US $312 US $270
  • Sakura Apartments Living Area | Lower HirafuSakura Apartments Exterior | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Apartments
    2 Bedrooms

    Sakura Apartments offer modern accommodation in a convenient location with lovely scenic views.

    US $440
  • Seizan Living Dining and Kitchen Area | Middle HirafuSeizan Outdoor View | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Seizan is a stylish, modern townhouse chalet for larger groups of family and friends.

    US $791
  • Tamo Lounge Area | Middle HirafuTamo Exterior | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    5 Bedrooms

    Tamo offers a fantastic fusion of Japanese and Western design in the heart of Hirafu.

    US $604
  • The Freshwater Living Area with TV | Middle HirafuThe Freshwater Exterior with Snow | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Apartments
    1, 2, 3 Bedrooms

    The Freshwater is a stylish block of boutique apartments with views of the ski fields and Mt Yotei.

    US $219
  • Tokubetsu Living Area with Mountain View | Lower HirafuTokubetsu Exterior | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    3 Bedrooms

    Tokubetsu is a stylish, modern chalet perched on a cliff edge with epic views of Mt Yotei.

    US $767
  • Toshokan Townhouses Lounge Area with Center Table and TV | Middle HirafuToshokan Townhouses Exterior | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Toshokan Townhouses offer beautiful vistas from each of the warm, modern townhouse chalets.

    US $518
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    Yotei Cottage Living and Dining Area with Wooden Floor | Lower HirafuYotei Cottage Exterior | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    2 Bedroom

    Yotei Cottage is fun and funky little cottage with a framed view of the Mt Yotei volcano.

    US $221 US $187
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    Yuki Yama Apartments Living Area | Middle HirafuYuki Yama Apartments Outdoor View | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Apartments
    2, 3 Bedrooms

    Yuki Yama is a modern Western-style apartment building with interiors inspired by Japanese design.

    US $347 US $294
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    Yukisawa House Living Area with TV | Lower HirafuYukisawa House Outdoor Area with Snow | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    3 Bedrooms

    Yukisawa House is a peaceful chalet offering a comfortable retreat with stunning views.

    US $414 US $351
  • Yume Basho Outdoor View with Snow | Lower HirafuYume Basho Living Area with TV | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    3 Bedrooms

    Yume Basho is a contemporary concrete chalet suitable for families and small groups.

    US $302
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    Yutaka Townhouses Dining Area | Middle HirafuYutaka Townhouses Outdoor Area with Snow | Middle Hirafu


    Middle Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Yutaka Townhouses provide comfortable and luxurious accommodation with stunning views of Mt Yotei.

    US $576 US $489
  • Zekkei Outdoor Area with Stunning Mountain View | Lower HirafuZekkei Spacious Living Area with TV | Lower Hirafu


    Lower Hirafu – Chalet
    6 Bedrooms

    Zekkei is a magnificent chalet set over three floors in an exclusive location on the Lower Hirafu cliff edge.

    US $1,755
  • Annabel Seating Area near Fireplace | Izumikyo 2Annabel Outdoor View | Izumikyo 2


    East Hirafu – Chalet
    6 Bedrooms

    Annabel fuses chic design with traditional asian influence in this luxurious Izumikyo chalet.

    US $1,579
  • Byakko Outdoor View | East HirafuByakko Living Area with Fireplace | East Hirafu


    East Hirafu – Chalet
    4 Bedrooms

    Byakko is a beautifully built and furnished luxury alpine chalet in a quiet neighbourhood.

    US $835