onsen special// YUKICHICHIBU

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Yukichichibu is one of the few onsens in Hokkaido where the baths have coloured water. There are six outdoor baths for ladies with red iron water, sulphur water and mud.

Nearby Oyunuma is the source of the sulphur water, whereas the iron-rich water gets pumped up from 30m below the earth. The mud is also from the surrounding areas. It has to dry for five days before it’s poured into the mud bath.

According to the manager, a dip in Yukichichibu onsen is beneficial to people who suffer from neuralgia, muscle pain, joint aches, bruises, chronic skin disease, fatigue, high blood pressure, hardened arteries, diabetes, sensitivity to cold, cuts, stiff muscles, painful shoulders as well as other conditions.

¥500 adults, ¥300 children. Open 9.30am-9pm everyday all year round. TEL: 0136 58 2328, 048-1321, Aza Yunosato, Rankoshi-cho, Isoya-gun, Hokkaido

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