Yotei’s magical water

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The water flowing from taps in Niseko is officially among the purest in Japan. In 1985 the Ministry of Environment named the country’s 100 purest water sources and thanks to Mt Yotei, Niseko made the list. Like a giant percolator, melted snow and rain are filtered through underground layers, combining with minerals before shooting out at the foot of Yotei-san 50 to 100 years later. An astonishing 530,000 tonnes of water gush out of springs surrounding the mountain’s base every day. The largest and best known spring is on the northeast side in Kyogoku and the water is known as Yotei no Fukidashi-Yusui. The water temperature is naturally kept at 10C throughout the year. The spring water is classified as ‘kanro’ and is known to be very soft and slightly sweet. Although it doesn’t need to be, the tap water is sterilized due to government regulations. To get it in its purest form, locals and tourists alike flock to Kyogoku and other springs to fill plastic bottles with the famous water.

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