Yotei-daiko drumming event for Iidate village in Fukushima, 20 March

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Kutchan’s local drumming team KORYU Youtei Daiko Serve Association had been interacting with children in Iidate village, Fukushima, for over a decade before the earthquake and tsunami devastated the Tohoku area last year.

In the wake of the incidents, the local drumming team will hold an event to raise relief money for the village, much as the late drumming mentor Rokuro Takada, aka “Roku-san,” would have probably done.

Admission is free, but donations will be accepted at the door, all of which will be donated to Iidate village. Your support would be very much appreciated. 
 Date and time: Tue., 20 March
             Doors open 13:00, start 13:30
 Venue: Kutchan Town Community Center (Kominkan)
 Inquiry: KORYU, Youtei Daiko Serve Association
       Tel: 080-6074-0574, Email: koryu693@gmail.com

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