Yasuragi Unveiled

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ODIN is fast-becoming known for its boutique developments in Niseko. The unsurpassed Odin House, boutique chalet hotel Kimamaya and dining bistro The Barn are a few of Odin’s triumphs.

THE next ‘cab off the rank’ for Odin (there are a few projects in the works) is Yasuragi, located amidst the tranquility of the lower village. Anyone walking past this building, with its signature Odin floating roof, stops in their tracks, looks up and simply wanders at this architectural spectacle. Inside, you’ll find five unique abodes. The top floor is a 200 square-metre penthouse that is privately owned. Access to the penthouse is via a private lift, which opens up to the ‘butterfly’ shaped room; the Penthouse is the only apartment to take up two of the building’s ‘wings’.

There are also two two-bedroom apartments on the middle floor and two three-bedroom apartments on the first floor. Each apartment is mirrored on the opposite side of the building – the main difference between the two and three-bedroom dwellings are the addition of separate bedrooms located on the bottom level, which can be accessed separately.

Each apartment is built around a spectacular spa capturing the best of traditional Japanese onsen culture within the intimacy of an alpine residence. The ‘inside-outside’ design features of the spa, with retreating sliding glass walls, allow the occupants to sit in the open air whilst soaking in the tub behind the privacy of blinds and the balcony balustrades.

Odin’s standard integration of renewable and recycled materials throughout the building includes LED lighting, high-performance thermal insulation and a low-e argon gas glazing system for the windows. The art installation feature that greets you in the lobby is also built out of reclaimed wood.

At Yasuragi, Odin’s ‘intelligent luxury’ is felt as you wander the halls. The flooring is natural in its appeal and feels raw and organic under foot. The high ceilings create an open atmosphere and the splashes of deep red contrasted with the materials links each residence. This commitment to tasteful alpine-interior design, eco features and a boutique scale is what makes anything with the Odin tag stand out.

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