Wow… it will be deep!!

By 15th December 2018 January 17th, 2019 Niseko Snow Report

10 cm of fresh snow has accumulated in Niseko in the 12 hours to 7am.


Conditions at Hirafu midway station (820m)
Snowfall estimated: 30 cm
Temperature:  -9 °C
Wind:  NW 7.5 m/s

Conditions observed in Niseko Town (139m)
Snowfall observed: 10 cm
  -5 °C
Wind: WNW 2 m/s

Snow kept falling from yesterday afternoon and Niseko’s got 30 cm in total from yesterday. I went to Grand Hirafu as I wanted to ride at Super course. It was opened partly as I was told, Snow was too light so that I could catch hard bottm. However I enjoyed the first ride at my favorite course under the blue sky.

Where should I go today? Snow should be great and deep everywhere today! I might go to Niseko Village as I’m waiting for the Limited course opening. If it opens, there must be plenty of powder snow.

The temperature will go up once from tomorrow, then next snow storm is coming soon…

– Maiko :)

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