Winter mountain biking

By 29th March 2008 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

People usually ask two questions when they see local Canadian expat Andrew Caldwell with his snowscoot: 1. Is that thing fun? And 2. Why don’t you ride a snowboard? Obviously it’s fun or he wouldn’t do it! And the reason he’s a snowscooter rather than a snowboarder is that he’s a mad-keen mountain biker in the summer and the snowscoot gives him a similar sensation. “It gives you the same kind of feeling of speed and agility. You’ve got the same positioning with the handle bars and it doesn’t have any brakes so there’s the feeling of being somewhat out of control – it’s an adrenalin thing!” Snowscooting has a huge underground following in other parts of the world, especially France and parts of Canada where they’re starting to pull some very impressive motocross-style tricks.

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