Winds drop, lifts reopen

By 8th January 2010 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

AFTER a couple of days of lift closures due to extremely high winds of up to 70km/h, breezes dropped today and all chairs whirred back into action.

Following two days of either staying inside or really low on the mountain, white-out conditions were replaced by blue skies and no wind to speak of – a welcome greeting for skiers and boarders this morning.

And two days of lift closures meant there was plenty of wind-blown powder stashes hidden for those who knew where to look in the trees, and amongst terrain powder traps.

High-speed, early-morning groomers were also a top choice for many who enjoy some cool, quick corduroy.

The backcountry gates were reopened along with the lifts, and although terrain was sometimes dangerous, wind-packed and icy in parts, there was some powder to be found – after all, it all had to be blown somewhere!

Just in time for the weekend, more snow and cooler temperatures are forecast from tonight until late Monday evening – the perfect ingredients for another visit from the Niseko Powder Express. Winds are also expected to stay low, which means all the mountain should be accessible to weekend warriors.

Have a great week’s end, Niseko.

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