Wild Bills’ LIVE event むら& Green Apple Quick Step

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Each one, one holding a contradiction contradictory
creatures, is a simple rock.
marr: guitar and voice hilot hayashi: Guitar Man ikuro
takahashi: Drums
Spring 2003 marked the lives and NAMI was formed in
Sapporo, Otaru, beginning guitar, guitar and drums
three-piece standing start.
This fall, the first time in 2003 FreeLance Otaru LIVE,
members of the original band name NAMI (guitar), naming,
meaning, any country that Dearurashii proverb meaning that
it not be a story at all, meaning the still have not known
Summer of 2005, had been active participants in Sapporo
BASS JAZZTRONS than Michelle.
Summer of 2005, had been moved to Sapporo, the Department
participated in several drums Takahashi, who lost not
active in the Maherushararuhashubazu. Increased activity
around this time. Summer of 2006, NAMI's extended leave
because of immigration from the guitar Sapporo, the three
of us continue to work after this. Start a rock rock
independent project.
In early 2007, was in exchange for independence plan in a
van and LUMDEES guitar, Hiro Hayashi joined the default,
become a member today.
In spring 2007, a small home studio (MUSICALBONESSTUDIO)
members and their friends in the construction.
Early in 2008, LIVE performances and the opportunity it
gets, 5 + LIVE music video recording of CDR and played in
his home studio recordings produced MIX until all the
members only. Then, LIVE at the center house, but to less
than a small box.
Think of playing the most volume and dynamics, PA vocal
amp only, not as much as possible non-microphone drum
prefer straight amp sound, I love the stage without
bringing all the equipment.
Result, tram, antiquary, beauty salon, coffee shop, no
roaring piece of acoustic and bucket-shop operator in
deploying LIVE. Even now, some of the state, YOUTUBE video
sites can be Kaimamiru others.
Early 2009, the first outside Hokkaido in Koenji UFO CLUB
LIVE, such as circumcision against the van. May 5, 2009,
independently produced 1stCD, GreenAppleQuickStep
released. Mastering for many years in Sapporo DJ / have
worked as Torakkumeika, SUE allies are in charge.
On 21 April record release event in downtown Sapporo,
Tanuki Koji beauty in the MIR at the mall, LIVE FREE
In May, the voluntary plan, "LIVE GHETTO" the second
Sunday of each month, the club established in Article 2 of
the market behind GHETTO sponsored by Sapporo.
(Regular and DJ SUE · READER started in
LIVEGHETTO is ongoing, Tsuman always going to fight
against the van and the VS plan, the center of activity.
LIVE at the same time more and more opportunities for
playing in house, appeared in August, the second
consecutive year in Sapporo Ibentomajikarukyanpu outdoor
music, enjoyed a chaotic stage in Ueno and triple guitar
guitar Tenniscoats guests.
Also, from the summer, LIVEGHETTO in a regular Vjmikio to
welcome the new developments are also being explored.
Autumn and winter, the expedition FreeLance Otaru and
Asahikawa Electric Cat.
Summer of 2010, michel long-term leave, three people
Must not slow the pace of activity became more active,
reminiscent of a lovely fairy tale threesome, become a
strange trio, LIVELIVELIVE!!!.
LIVEGHETTO continued, without change in 2011 with love

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