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BEING the last issue of the season it’s time to look back at how it all went.

The first snowfall at village level was back on October 31, which is reasonably early, and it sure got hopes up for a big season ahead.

But November ended up being rather disappointing, with regular warm periods between snowfalls.

This fickle weather continued through into early December, however from December 14, the snows came and barely stopped till the end of the month.

For much of January, Niseko just kept doing what it does best – snowing almost continuously every day, totalling well over 5m throughout the month.

February started out well, with very cold temps and ongoing snowfalls.

It all came to a rather abrupt end, though, in the third week, and on February 25 the temperature got up to near 10 degrees, followed by rain.

The snow returned on March 1, and we’ve seen a nice mix of sun and snow thus far.

Total snowfall up on the mountain from the start of November is now up around 15m, with another big snow system bearing down on us as I write.

So overall a pretty good season, it was a bit late to really get going but when it did it barely stopped until the little warm period in the last week of February.

It’s now been over 100 days since the start of the season, and so far we’ve had snow falling on about eight out of every 10 days, and close to half of those days had 20cm or more.

That equates to more than enough powder days to keep even the most avid powder hounds very, very happy.

– The Don

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