Vector Glide Bold Telemark

By 19th January 2008 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

Vector Glide is a progressive Japanese ski and snowboard label who understands that skiing telemark is like swimming butterfly – it’s great fun if you’re good at it, but you need to go a little slower and take regular breaks. The Bold has an 85cm waist that makes paralleling a piece of cake and will keep you on top of the deep stuff, but also allow you to carve hard turns on the burns. They are handmade in Nagano by expert craftsmen in a 90-year-old factory using only the strongest wood with a unique sandwich construction that makes them extra solid. The Bold is for expert tele-markers who want the highest performance ski they can get. Niseko store Toyru’s owner Yutaka Takanashi is one of the best telemark  skiers in Japan and is a key tester for Vector Glide. He reckons with the Bold they’ve just about reached perfection. Available from Toyru, opposite the Gondola Chalets. ¥89,250.

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