Vale Jam Wrap

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With a barbecue, beer, rocking tunes and a few of the area’s best park riders and skiers, last night’s Vale Jam was a hit.

Organised by Vale Bar and Grill manager Abi, and a few tireless helping hands, the rail jam featured one rail and a tyre stack for riders and skiers to work their magic on.

From about 4:30 pm, crowds gathered around the jam to see the competitors do what they do best – extreme action. Now, we don’t use the word ‘extreme’ lightly at Powderlife; it’s something we save for those people that would happily spend a night outside launching off things, getting knocked down, landing with feet either side of a rail and then getting back up again with a smile on their face.

Whilst crowds reacted to the great tricks that were being landed, there’s nothing more than a good stack to really get onlookers excited. Throughout the night there were a lot of elated “woos”, and few concerned “ohhhhs”.

Last night’s winners were treated to some gifts from Rhythm Snowsports and respect from the crowd.

So that all the hard work that went into the rails isn’t wasted, Tamashii Bar is holding a similar event in the same place tonight. Regretting not entering last night? Tonight is your chance.

Photos by Ross Cole-Hunter

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