Uranaka Demolition nears completion

By 19th August 2010 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

The owners of Lodge Uranaka have made a strong first step towards the revitalisation of Hirafu-zaka with the demolition of the former lodge.

Redevelopment of this major access point to Niseko’s international resort will increase the visitor appeal of the town as a whole and have a positive effect on tourist experiences. Though details are closely guarded, we’re very excited about the new project which is set to begin next year.

Managed planning and development has been a crucial factor in the growth of successful resorts such as Whistler, and if Niseko is to continue to grow as a resort we can certainly learn from the experiences of others. The Hirafu-zaka redevelopment project, in conjunction with significant individual ventures such as the Uranaka site and others currently in planning, will help move Niseko up to the next level as an international destination.

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