Tsubara Tsubara Soup Curry, Izumikyo

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LAST winter a demountable building popped up on the outskirts of Hirafu, and not long afterwards signage declaring it soup curry restaurant Tsubara Tsubara. Keiji Sakai’s family ran the recently demolished Ryokan (lodge) Sakae on Hirafu’s main street, and he found the soup curry he had been making for guests was a hit. So he decided to start his own dedicated soup curry restaurant. Unlike regular thick Japanese curry, the base of soup curry is thin, bringing out the flavours of the many spices in the soup stock and complementing the variety of ingredients such as vegetables, potatoes and meat. Tsubara Tsubara (meaning ‘relax’) has quickly become a favourite among locals.
See www.powderlife.com/restaurants for directions.

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